Some changes

In the previous Developer Diaries we have written about our plans to transfer OWM to Unity3d NGUI platform. Unfortunately because of technical problems we have to drop these plans. So we have decided to abandon the entire aim to develop OWM Standalone version. But we do not abandon the idea of the project and we are already developing a web version of OWM.
The things you should know about the web version:
1) It is still a single player game.
2) The game will be available for any platform with browser and Internet connection.
3) Internet connection is essential for the game.
A closed beta-test is scheduled to be performed in the end of January, and an open beta-test will start in March when a new F1 season starts.

Important news

Нello, friends
Over the past two months the game’s development was not possible. As you know, our team is closely connected with Ukraine and the situation in our country remains very tense.
We hope to continue working in a couple of weeks.